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Video • Ideation • Concept • Strategy

Our X-Linked-Production Approach is designed to fit all your content needs
into a slick multi-Disciplinary Production pipeline, creating a large
content Pool for all your purposes.

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The real Value of audiovisual Content

Basically, every business these days is facing up to the imminent technological shift, which is happening right now. The digital disruption is going to change the way companies of today are going to be perceived in the very near future.

Within only a few years every enterprise has to be able to communicate its message, values & believes to a broader, yet more targeted audience in the most efficient and convenient manner – or be left out.

Communicating swiftly and effectively with content that is of value to others is what is going to make you stand out.

Whether you want to hire staff, praise a new product or simply want to build your brand and company culture; The winner takes it all and there will be no second places. Your digital embodiment is going to have a more profound impact on potential clients, partners, competitors and employees than ever before.

Vision & hearing deliver the highest bandwidth gateway to a persons’ mind and reason.

We learn from observation and listening, practice and refine by imitation. In the digital era, we believe that video production should not only be the concern of big-time multinationals. It is a huge chance also for smaller companies to catch up, or even take over.

The big wheels are turning. More Companies need to start getting involved with Video Production.

Although Video Technology is becoming increasingly affordable without the right people to make use of this development, cheap cameras alone won’t get you far. Original ideas, the right format and a strategic placement/positioning ensure that you are being perceived at your best, when talking to the world.


“We Produce a variety of different Formats. Also the ones shown below, but There might be better Options for your video Production. make sure to talk to us!”

IMage film • Event Film • Web Commercial • Youtube Film • Documentaries


Our 4 Corner stones of Service

Video Production

We deliver the foundation for modern digital communication: Audiovisual Content. We are experts in producing integrated Video Campaigns that set you up & make you stand out in the imminent digital shift. Our unique approach to combine multiple productions, finding synergies and helping our clients to save money at the same time, leaves our customers with a multi-purpose content pool of highest value.

Ideation & Concept

Besides producing your video from Pre- to Post-Production, we come up with the right idea. The one, that is actually worth putting into film. An idea that is conveying the right message and is tailored to your individual budget. We also offer formats with ready-made concepts, which have proven universally useful for any industry and can be a very powerful and cost-effective tool in the content box.

Targeting your Audience

Content is King. To stand out and convey your message though, it needs to be presented and distributed in the right way. This is one of the many challenges people encounter when releasing their work into the world. We take it as our responsibility to educate and council our clients when it comes to those topics and provide you with the right experts revolving around digital distribution & performance, be it Google Add-Words, building a webpage or social engagement strategies & campaigns.


In product design there’s a well-known phrase – ‘Form Follows Function’. We understand our service as a product. A Product we design, thus we apply the same principle to our work.

We make sure we take time to listen and learn about your objective and for that matter your company or client, so we can find a strategy that lets us not only hit one but multiple targets and sets you up with a solution that you can build on.


“Three things that tremendously
increase Production value in Post.”

Colour Grade • Sound Design & Mastering • 2D-Motion Animation


Get in inspired!



Because Film Rules



Concept & Story for Documentaries & Sponsored Content


Sports & Outdoors

Campaign Driven Video Content for Brands


Aerial FIlm

Drone Footage with Small and Heavy Machinery



Showing extraordinary Work Places


Classic Image

Image Film Campaign for Goldbek Medical


Showreel 2018 | VISIGN Creative • DIRECTOR | DP | DUO // HØLTER & SOMMER

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