VISIGN Creative is a film production company, creating stunning visuals on multiple frontiers. Corporate, Educational, Brand & Event.

Our founding members gathered rich experience in very different areas of film making. As diverse as our group is, as colorfull is the palette of services we offer. We are the right partner when it comes to visual branded content solutions, commercials & motiongraphics. We provide strategy, treatment development, production from pre to post & love to be your consulting partner. We are based in Hamburg and Kiel, SH.


We are compassionate about making films and always seek to improve. Our newly allianced group has worked with industry leaders same as companies from around the corner in the past. We’ve never failed our customers no matter how small their businesses. Our intent is for a long lasting customer realtionship & so you will be treated with all our attention.


Hølter & Sommer


TWO PEAS IN A POT. Toby and Lenny ... with their birthday being only 4 days apart there are 6 years in age separating these two.

They both first met about 10 years ago. By then Lenny already knew he wanted to become a director, Toby took a slightly different route – gathering practice and hands on experience along the way. As a Pro Kiteboarder he traveled the world while Lenny was forging his career visiting film school and gathered set experience as PA.

They met again 8 years later and started their production Company VISIGN [VIĴƏN] creative aiming to provide full service audio visual marketing solutions for businesses. At the same time they founded the Director /DP Duo Hølter & Sommer to offer their services to a broader audience as a fun & creative imagery capturing duet, pushing to work in an industry with other talented creatives & like-minded people.